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What Are The 7 Best Qi Wireless Charging Mousepads?

What Are The 7 Best Qi Wireless

What Are The 7 Best Qi Wireless . Most wireless devices that you own, including smartphones and wireless gaming mice, accept Qi wireless charging standards. So instead of spending money on only your peripherals, why not also get a decent wireless charging mousepad? You may free up space on your desk by using a Qi wireless charging mousepad. When working or playing games, you can easily charge your wireless mouse and smartphone wirelessly.

Yet picking the ideal mousepad for Qi charging might be difficult. We’ll look at some of the best Qi wireless mousepads available right now in this article. To assist you in making a wise choice, we will also be contrasting the advantages and disadvantages of each product.

We provide the greatest solutions for a flawless wireless experience, whether you’re a gamer or simply want to keep your desk tidy and organized. But, you might want to look at the following first:

  • These affordable RGB gaming mousepads will spruce up your workspace.
  • Your smartphone’s wireless charging issue has to be fixed.

1. Wireless charging mouse mat VIVIYA QI:

  • 11.8  inches by 8.66 inches
  • Maximum Charging Power: 15W | No RGB
What Are The 7 Best Qi Wireless
What Are The 7 Best Qi Wireless

It’s interesting that the mousepad has a good, soft-touch surface and that it also has wrist support. As a result, the device will assist in lessening the strain on your wrist and provide a more comfortable user experience. Moreover, the wrist rest is simply detachable if you need more mouse surface space.

The Viviya mouse pad is capable of receiving up to 15W of wireless charging. So, the device has to be able to recharge all current cellphones in addition to your wireless gaming mice and other accessories. If anything, the customer testimonials draw attention to the charging cable’s slightly shorter length. Thus, make sure a USB charging cord is accessible and near the mouse pad.

Aside from its functionality, the Viviya Qi Wireless Charger Mouse Mat has a slick, contemporary look. The mat is composed of high-quality materials and has a non-slip base, so it ought to stay attached to your desk as well.

2. The JCREN Fast Wireless Charging Mouse Pad:

  • 11.81 inches by 8.66 inches
  • 10W maximum charging speed; no RGB


As a result, the device may covertly wirelessly charge your gadgets and gaming accessories. The mousepad includes a PU leather surface that looks quite stylish. Moreover, it is incredibly thin, measuring just 0.24 inches.

Not only that, but the mousepad also features a number of surge and voltage protections to ensure the highest level of device security. The maximum wattage supported here is 10W, which is a little underwhelming by today’s standards. With your wireless mouse or really wireless earbuds, it should be adequate.

One problem brought up by customers is the absence of a status indicator when using the wireless charging capability of the device while using the mouse pad. As a result, you will have to put your device by making an educated guess as to where the charging coils will be.


  • 11.81 inches by 8.7 inches
  • Maximum Charging Power: 15W | No RGB
What Are The 7 Best Qi Wireless
What Are The 7 Best Qi Wireless

The highest supported output, in this case, is 15W when used in conjunction with a Quick Charge 3.0 charger. It’s unfortunate that the device doesn’t have a charge indicator as the JCREN mouse pad does.

The wireless charger may be placed on either the left or right side of the mousepad, which is a plus. Also, depending on your preference, you may either use the full mousepad flat or raise the charging area at an angle.

The mousepad itself is fairly straightforward. If you use it for gaming, you should temper your expectations even if it will be fine for office purposes.


  • Measurements are 31.49 inches by 11.81 inches
  • 10W maximum charging speed; yes to RGB

The GIM desk mat, which comes in either a plain or a sunset design finish, is big enough to hold both your keyboard and mouse while still providing enough for your wireless charging requirements. In contrast to the JCREN mousepad, this one has clear charging indicators.

To that end, a red LED denotes that the smartphone is charging, a green LED denotes that the device is completely charged, and a blue light denotes that the device is in standby mode. The mousepad supports a maximum output of 10W for wireless charging. The mousepad must be powered using a separate power adapter, just like with the other alternatives.

5. Dimensions of the NEEGO RGB Gaming Mouse:

  • The pad is 31.5 inches by 12 inches.
  • 10W maximum charging speed; yes to RGB
What Are The 7 Best Qi Wireless
What Are The 7 Best Qi Wireless

For gamers who play at low DPI settings and must continually flick their mouse, speed surface mouse pads are preferable. You experience less friction when using the NEEGO mouse pad, which makes moving the mouse more comfortable.

In comparison to the GIM mouse pad, this one has a wider width and gives you the option of a soft or firm surface. Also, the surface has a waterproof coating to assist shield it from unintentional spills.

Even more, RGB lighting options are provided here; seven to be exact. Also, according to the brand, you can change the Lights’ brightness settings. Consumers have drawn attention to the fact that the feature doesn’t perform as promised.


  • 12.6 x 14.6 inches is the size.
  • Maximum Charging Power: 15W | No RGB

The ROG Balteus Qi is a gaming laptop featuring a firm, micro-textured tracking surface. This guarantees quick gameplay with maximum precision. The ROG logo and ROG cybertext graphics are also included on the surface, enhancing the device’s appearance.

Speaking of appearances, the surface is also covered in RGB lighting. The mousepad connects to your machine using an additional USB connection and a power indication. After connecting, ROG Armory Crate allows you to modify the 15-zone aura sync RGB lighting of the mousepad.

Moreover, a USB 2.0 passthrough connector is provided here for connecting pen drives and other USB peripherals. The ROG Balteus is undoubtedly one of the greatest Qi wireless chargers, if not the best, despite costing a premium.

7. Dimensions of the CORSAIR:

  • MM1000 is 13.78 inches by 10.26 inches.
  • 10W maximum charging speed; no RGB
What Are The 7 Best Qi Wireless
What Are The 7 Best Qi Wireless

The device has a clever trick under its sleeve that enables users to wirelessly charge any smartphone, even ones that don’t support it by default! Also included with the Corsair MM1000 is a Qi wireless charging accessory with a contemporary USB port on one end. The attachment may be placed on the wireless charging coil, and the smartphone can be charged using the USB port. This is an excellent way to transfer the output from the mousepad through your smartphone as well!

Going on, the Corsair MM1000 provides a smooth-surfaced, rigid plastic-built mouse pad that is intended for accurate mouse tracking. A single braided USB cable that plugs into your computer is provided, and the mousepad also has a USB passthrough.


1. How Do I Know Whether My Wireless Charger Is Qi Certified? 

The Qi emblem is typically found on top of Qi Certified chargers to indicate that they do, in fact, support Qi wireless charging. As an alternative, you might look for a description indicating the same on the product packaging. Finally, you can look up the product’s information in the Qi-certification database maintained by Wireless Power Consortium.

2. Can Any Qi Charger Charge a Wireless Mouse?

Only wireless mice that advertise support for the Qi wireless charger can be charged using a Qi Charger. For instance, the wireless mice from Logitech that support wireless charging include the G903 and G703. They do not support Qi wireless charging, only the company’s proprietary Powerplay charging.

3. Does Wireless Charging Risk Smartphone Damage?

Although this is a widespread misconception, wireless charging won’t harm your smartphone. When compared to conventional charging, wireless charging frequently operates more slowly, but it offers a steady current that is safe for the battery in your smartphone. Also, even though wireless charging generates a certain amount of heat, your smartphone can control it.


You may not only make your desk look tidier with the use of a Qi wireless charging mousepad, but you can also benefit from the ease of charging your wireless devices. In light of this, use an AC converter for the fastest charging rates. Moreover, only use the mousepad’s USB cable with your PC if the manufacturer has approved it. If you want to modify the RGB lights, you may also plug them in. The best option for everything else is an AC adaptor.

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