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Review of Microsoft Surface pro 4 Laptop in 2023

Review of Microsoft Surface

Review of Microsoft Surface pro 4 Laptop in 2023. Microsoft has specialized in hybrid devices since the Surface line first appeared a decade ago. With an extra keyboard, the original Surface Pro tablet could function somewhat like a laptop, but the business has since experimented with other form factors.

Review of Microsoft Surface:

In 2021, the Surface pro 8 Laptop Studio became yet another brand-new product. It incorporates a flexible hinge that allows you to adjust the display between three key positions rather than completely removing the keyboard. Although this style has been seen before, Microsoft’s introduction of it here serves as a clear statement of intent.

Design & Build:

  • The new 3-in-1 design works well but has its limitations
  • Great video-calling features
  • Limited port selection

Microsoft’s premium hybrid notebook, the Surface Laptop Studio, takes the position of the Surface Book while adopting a significantly different design factor. The screen on the Laptop Studio can be moved forward in front of the keyboard or laid flat on top of it in place of a laptop with a fully detachable display.

Yet that was the only actual circumstance in which I actually felt the design was constrained. The Best Laptop mode of the gadget is superb, and the studio mode is ideal for taking handwritten notes with the brand-new Slim Pen 2 stylus. Presentations are not part of my regular process, but I suppose Stage mode would be much more useful in this situation. Here’s Review of Microsoft Surface.

Other than that, switching between the various modes is relatively simple. The Laptop Studio can feel like a completely new laptop in only a few seconds, which is impossible with many competitors.

But if the device was closed, you might not know this feature was available. The exclusive Platinum coating is the only choice, and the superior aluminum alloy construction is something we’ve seen on Surface devices countless times before.

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Screen & Speakers:

  • Great 120Hz LCD display
  • Adaptive refresh rate feature on the way
  • Quad speakers are solid but unspectacular

Microsoft chose a screen size for the Laptop Studio that hasn’t been used on a Surface tablet before: 14.4in. It’s an LCD display that the business calls “PixelSense Flow,” as opposed to an OLED display. For Microsoft’s most expensive laptop, I was expecting the latter, but it’s not a big deal.

The screen’s resolution is 2400 by 1600, which means it has the now-standard 3:2 aspect ratio. Excellent levels of detail are there, and the colors are bold and vibrant. The majority of individuals won’t need a display of higher quality; only a small minority will.

However, the Surface Laptop Studio display’s fast refresh rate is one of its major benefits. The gadget can produce at both 60Hz and 120Hz, with 120Hz producing images that are incredibly fluid and responsive.

Microsoft is developing a feature called Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) for Windows 11 that will enable the refresh rate to change dynamically based on the circumstances. However as of this writing, that isn’t an option, so you’ll have to pick between 60Hz and 120Hz.

The bezel around the display is incredibly thin, and I admire Microsoft’s choice to make it the same thickness all around. Here’s Review of Microsoft Surface.

Specs & Performance:

  • Great performance from 11th-gen i7 chip
  • Nice boost from discrete RTX 3050 Ti GPU
  • SSD storage up to 2TB

Microsoft’s most potent laptop to date, the Surface Laptop Studio, has the internals to match. The Intel Core i5-11300H processor and Iris Xe integrated graphics are included in entry-level setups, but you may spend more money to get the Core i7-11370H processor and an RTX 3050 Ti GPU.


Even if the discrete graphics card is one of Nvidia’s more affordable choices, it’s uncommon to find a Microsoft laptop with one. Performance is good all around, and the model I tested has a generous 32GB of Memory. Nothing in my regular routine, which entails multitasking, email, Adobe Photoshop, and web browsing, slowed down or stumbled.


  • Windows 11 Pro out of the box
  • A handful of extra security/management features
  • Performs almost identically to Windows 11 Home

The Surface Laptop Studio, in contrast to other laptops from Microsoft, comes pre-installed with Windows 11 Pro because it’s primarily intended for creative professionals and executives using it for business purposes. Compared to Windows 11 Home, there are a few more security and administration capabilities, but these aren’t actually useful to users. The majority of individuals won’t distinguish between the two.

But, Windows 11 as a whole differs significantly from Windows 10 – especially graphically. Although it is possible to revert to Windows 10, I wouldn’t advise doing so after purchasing the Surface Laptop Studio. Almost all of the functions you require are still present, and Microsoft keeps updating Windows 11 with new features.

Battery Life & Charging:

  • Battery capacity 56.3Wh-58Wh
  • Doesn’t quite hit Microsoft’s claims, but battery life is still solid
  • Full charge in around 2hr 15mins

According to Microsoft, the Surface Laptop Studio’s battery can hold between 56.3Wh and 58Wh of power, which is average for a laptop of this size. The business has made some significant claims about how long it will last, claiming that the Core i7 model I tested will last up to 18 hours and the Core i5 models up to 19 hours.

Review of Microsoft Surface
Review of Microsoft Surface

Battery life is still remarkable even though I wasn’t quite able to reach those heights during testing. I was able to record for 15 hours and 22 minutes in our 720p video loop test on a single charge. A full working day is still easily attainable even with the brightness set to 120 nits, which is not necessarily representative of real-world usage.

If your battery is becoming low, a software-based battery saver mode may be helpful, but charging rates are also reliable. I achieved 20% battery in 15 minutes after turning the device on using the provided charger (Microsoft doesn’t specify a wattage). This was 37% after 30 minutes, and a full charge would take about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Not terrible at all, however, the quickest speeds require the exclusive Surface Connect connector. It fastens magnetically yet is quickly dislodged by any sizable movement. Microsoft ought to completely support USB-C for charging.


As you may already be aware, the Surface Laptop Studio is not inexpensive. A model with an Intel Core i5 processor, Iris Xp integrated graphics, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD starts at £1,449/US$1,599.99.

But from there, prices soar sharply. You can spend even more for twice the storage, but the Intel Core i7/RTX 3050 Ti system I tested (16GB RAM/1TB SSD) costs £2,479/US$2,699 instead.

  • In the UK, purchase the Surface Laptop Studio.
  • In the US, purchase the Surface Laptop Studio.

Although discounts seem to be available often, this price is higher than what the majority of customers would be ready to pay for a new laptop. Even while it could be different for business users, you can still discover greater value elsewhere in our chart of business laptops. More flexibility is also provided by other 2-in-1 devices.

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Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio: Specs

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