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Good or bad facial recognition technology in 2023

Good or bad facial recognition

Good or bad facial recognition. As facial recognition technology spreads it’s important to think about whether it infringes on the privacy of tech users.

Most of the time facial recognition useful and design to make life simpler.

Technology applications like China’s proposed face recognition database, which aims to be able to identify any of its 1.3 billion inhabitants in under 3 seconds. have undoubtedly sparked privacy worries.

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The ability of facial recognition technology to function from a distance is one of its main selling factors. This eliminates the requirement for direct interaction with any security mechanism including the fingerprint scanner.

In order to function facial recognition software builds a kind of face blueprint. This is accomplished by using a camera to capture an image after which nodal points. distances on a face such as the space between eyes and the width of noses—are measured.


Afterward, you can use this picture as a guide. This makes it possible to use these systems for authentication. Access is given if a person’s face is taken and matches a reference stored in a facial recognition system.

During the recognition process, many facial recognition systems produce 2D images. On the other hand, the iPhone X builds 3D models of faces. This increases the clarity of the image and lessens the possibility of tricking the system.


I don’t want to disparage facial recognition in any way and I understand its utility. This is merely a comparison of the two positions. Getting started with the advantages is a smart idea.

Combating Crime:

Some police forces are utilizing facial recognition technology to help with law enforcement.

Officers in Ireland for example plan to utilize the technology to help spot prospective criminals in crowded places. The technology helped police in New York apprehend a suspect in an arson attack.

The technology is also being used by Chinese authorities to help identify potential offenders at the Zhengzhou East high-speed rail station. which is located in the provincial capital of Henan. They employ a small device that is linked to a camera that is attached to a pair of sunglasses.

Gambling Problem Assistance:


Good or bad facial recognition:

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation of Ontario, Canada, uses facial recognition technology to deter problem gamblers from entering its casinos.

Problem gamblers can voluntarily sign up to be included on a list of those who aren’t allowed to play thanks to this technique. If they later enter a casino the gadget can recognize them.

If this occurs security staff will then confirm that the person is in fact on the prohibited list. Following the removal of the offender from the area the infraction is noted. There could be repercussions like a trespassing charge.

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 Android AppsAirline Check-in Procedures:

In order to verify airline ground employees and staff. Baidu installed a facial recognition system at Beijing’s main airport last year. This year it’s anticipated that flight admittance capability will be implemented.

An airport in Nanyang, a city in the province of Henan employs a comparable approach. Yet travelers can already use their system. Before boarding, their identities are verified using a facial scan.

Face to Pay:

Ant Financial recently introduced a “smile to pay” method at KFC in Hangzhou China.

Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall e-commerce websites are power by Alipay, which is manage by Ant Financial.

Customers who use Alipay can activate the “Smile to Pay” app, which detects faces, by utilizing this application. This makes payment and checkout quick and simple.

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Several beneficial applications of facial recognition make life better overall by giving people an easy way to make payments. Unfortunately, there are certain difficulties with facial recognition.

Mistake Rate:

Even while face recognition mistake rates can be as low as 0.8%. They are nevertheless a cause for concern. particularly when used in financial and law enforcement applications.


Imagine the consequences of making the wrong arrest based on flaws in face recognition technology.  someone conducting identity theft by taking advantage of this flaw.

Enhanced Targeting of Customized Ads:

You should be familiar with targeted advertising by now. You are aware of how Google functions when you visit Amazon.

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Well, physical stores are employing facial recognition technology to compile information on customer patterns. Retailers will likely try to incorporate facial recognition into their business plans. even though this type of utilization is still in its early phases.

The information gather might also utilize to produce target advertisements after creating user profiles. This can result in a double volley of target advertisements from both online and offline merchants.

Missing Anonymity:

With the prospect of data being constantly collected by facial recognition systems. there is this looming concern. that at some point in the future. you may not be able to go to many places without being tracked online.


Such a universe would be extremely constraine.

Moreover, check out this scrambler to allay any privacy worries.


Facial recognition technology certainly has a lot of positive applications thus privacy concerns should not use as an excuse to ignore its use. Nonetheless, extreme caution must be exercise to prevent improper handling of the data that is gathering.

To ensure that data is only available to parties with permission precautions must be taken. With the system on the iPhone, X Apple seems to be doing a fantastic job in this regard. With Apple’s flagship device data is only locally save and encrypt and frequently destroy after a day.

Good or bad facial recognition:

Targeted advertising based on data is a contentious subject because retailers will pursue it obstinately in an effort to increase their profit margin. Customers should, however, at the very least have the choice not to be targeted by such advertisements.

In conclusion, I believe should encourage. we all need to be very conscious of the risks associat with its application.

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